Monday, April 27, 2009

Home School Dissection

Today was a big day in Science Class for the students. We were fortunate enough to have a very large cow heart donated for us to dissect! Today started off with a very excited science teacher (Shawnna) and a very helpful aide (Dan Giles) who was gracious enough to help us out today. It was great to have the extra help as three teachers in class are always better than one! Thanks Dan!

The students seemed to enjoy the dissection, some of them wanting to get in there themselves, others content sitting where they were and watching. It gave us a good feel for who is going to be good at this when we do our fetal pigs next fall, and who is going to be our note takers! I must say, I was VERY impressed, as some that I thought would not want anything to do with it, stepped right up, touched, held, and did a great job! Well done!

Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of the older class during dissection, but did get a few of the younger class, and also some students after class that wanted a closer look. Check it out!

Thanks also to friends Bill & Debbie who went the extra mile to help us get this incredible cow heart and to Marcus (one of our students) and family for bringing a deer heart (AND for storing it all winter in your freezer). They were great learning tools today.

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